Cottage „South Gate” Dančovice for rent - Accommodation for your holiday in the Czech Republic

logo Are you looking for a place in the Czech Republic to spend your holiday, a day off or weekend in? This websites informs you about an opportunity to spend your holiday in absolute privacy of a cottage in Dančovice - a village located in the region of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic (see Contact for exact location).

The cottage lies near Slavonice, a town of distinctive Renaissance architecture, and it is a perfect starting point for trips made both by car and on bike. Among others you can go to Slavonice, Bitov castle or Vranov dam. See Trips for more tips.

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There are two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Each bedroom and the living room have a heater. The kitchen is fully equipped (a fridge, dishes, a microwave, a stove, etc.). The lodging capacity is 8 persons.

The cottage has kept its original architectural face. A closed yard offers private space where you can cook over a grill or just sit under a roof in absolute privacy.


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